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Growing up in Southern California (Thousand Oaks) I learned to appreciate the artistic side of things at an early age. My father was a Set Designer and Art Director in the Motion Picture Industry and as an artist himself, he shared his unique insights with me. I have always been drawn towards creative outlets and have found such fulfillment in my passion for photography.

The changing seasons bring constant new opportunities for that perfect backdrop, and living in the pacific northwest you will find an abundance of beauty!  My desire is to capture you being you. I want to see those candid moments, the smiles... laughs... glances... hugs and kisses. I want to see you expressed in your photos. Photographs have an amazing way of capturing the emotion of the moment. Engagements and Weddings all experience moments... moments that tell a story... a story of where you are at that time in your life...moments that pass with time and that you cannot get back...but photographs allow you that beautiful opportunity to relive those moments and to cherish them for a lifetime!

The second picture in the slide show is of my daughter who was 6 at the time... she is 9 now, they grow too fast. She said she "accidentally" pulled down her shear curtains and then decided to wear them like a veil and then she put on her favorite princess dress and then came to me saying that she is a bride. As a father looking into the future my heart melted. So, as a daddy and wedding photographer... mainly daddy, I had to take advantage of my sweet little girl's dream of being a beautiful bride... so we had a little bridal session in our dining room. We had a windstorm at the time, so opening the back door and having a friends son toss the "veil" into the air at the right moment made for a sweet moment with my little girl.

Oh, and if you were wondering about the Robin Williams picture, as mentioned above, my dad worked as an Art Director at Paramount Studios for the majority of his career. One of the many shows he was an Art Director on was Mork & Mindy... and this picture was taken at one of the neighborhood parks in Hollywood, where some of the top tv shows back in 1979 would meet for a game of softball. These games were never announced to the public, but was known within the studio. However, it did not take long for the word to get around that these games were going on and at what park.

This game was against Star Trek. My dad was usually the pitcher, and he did a pretty good job! I can't remember who won, but then again, these games were for fun and we always had a great time. 

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