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Cancer... it is the ugliest 6 letter word ever! I am personally acquainted with it and know it very well. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and was a survivor for 15 years until she passed away from another unrelated illness... cancer did not win that battle! Sadly, though, it took my father from us 8 years ago. I have even faced this beast, for I am a 10 year melanoma survivor. I have also had many friends that have been through it. Plain and simple... I despise cancer!

This disease is no respecter of persons and is not biased. It tries to steal our hopes and dreams in life, but it also tries to shatter how we view ourselves physically... feeling as though our beauty is being robbed via the overwhelming treatments that are sometimes a byproduct of a cancer diagnosis. Cancer does not define who you are as a person... you are beautiful inside and out and cancer CANNOT take that from you!

I offer free photo sessions to anyone who is currently battling cancer. Your photo session is ALL ABOUT YOU! I want to celebrate you, your life and allow you to see the beauty that is you... you will shine beyond your diagnosis! My hope is that during our time together it will help you forget about your illness, if only for a second! As the popular adage goes, “I have cancer... cancer does not have me!” is so true and should be the anthem of all touched by this disease!

My wife also works with me in this endeavor. My wife is a professional stylist with Windflower Salon in downtown Gresham and she helps those who are in the process of losing their hair due to chemotherapy treatments. She will have you come in for a free private haircut to make the transition of losing your hair easier.

What you will receive:

* A one hour photo session

* Your choice of location(s)

* Download of all the edited images in your private online gallery sent to you via email with an unconditional print release.

If you or you know someone that is going through cancer and you live in the Portland / Vancouver area and would like to have a special, private photo session, it would be my honor to do this for you. Please feel free to contact me anytime at:

Contact LENS of HOPE

** About the photo... this is a picture of me and little Omar, who was battling neuroblastoma.  I had the great honor to capture his 4th birthday party at Oaks Amusement Park on May 1st, 2016. He had such a great time and loved every minute he was there. Sadly, just 25 days later he would pass away from this awful disease. Though you are no longer with us, Omar... you will forever be in our hearts!

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